How to use Making Happy Work

How to Make Happy Work

The book is 290 pages fully illustrated with lots of tips and insights. The core of the book is divided into two parts:


This introduces the core tools, techniques, science and application of Modern Meditation. It covers everting you need to know to give you a good start in your practice :

  1. Being different, doing differently
  2. A short note on mindfulness and meditation
  3. Meditation is not what you think
  4. Being Happy
  5. What does meditation feel like?
  6. What are the benefits of meditation
  7. How does meditation work?
  8. Being and Doing
  9. Preparing to practice
  10. Everything that isn't you


This part shows you who to put the insights and techniques you learned in Part One into practice. The book guides you around the map going inwards and then outwards.

At each location Making Happy Work explores a particular Modern Mediation based practiced. Follow the eight map locations and together you will learn how to empower a deep sense of presence and purpose - to know Being and Doing. It covers:

  1. Navigating the map
  2. Noticing
  3. Looking
  4. Seeing
  5. Thinking
  6. Feeling
  7. Knowing
  8. Being
  9. Doing
  10. Final thoughts - take inspired action!