Taking inspired action

Take inspired action...

And so we finish the course with a call to action to SAVE THE WORLD

We know now what it means to take 'Inspired action' - this is a moment by moment conscious manifestation of your most deeper intentions, goals and purpose. And remember when we manage to get into that space, our day to day action in the world feels right - you wake up to who you are and what your are for - you FLOW!

I will read part of the Final Thoughts section of Making Happy Work.

What happens next?

In this course you have been discovering how to Make Happy Work. How to participate consciously in the world Doing what you are for by creating from the depths of Being.

Remember our special beanddo formula:

ha = (be + do) - I

In this concluding part of the course I will take you though this formula again armed now with a deeper insight of what it really means. We now know that be (being) and do (doing) are givens. They are constant and they need to work together. The 'I' function is you and in particular what you have learned in this course - do not interfere. Just get out of your own way.

Then we start to know a deeper sense of conscious manifestation linked in purpose and presence. This feeling of purpose, of usefulness is our source of happiness and our only true source of fulfilment. When we connect being and doing we create from a place of joy, possibility, and power.

Here I am talking you through what happens next?

And a FINAL invitation from ME.

Now visit the final section and discover how you can take what you have learned and discovered about how to use your presence and purpose and maybe TEACH others too...

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