Join founder of beanddo Mick Timpson as he guides you through a recorded two-hour Modern YOGA NIDRA session to help you relax, let go and find purpose.

Here is an amazing chance to practice this powerful life affirming yoga teaching as a stand alone practice.

Over the two-hour session Mick guides you through 3 types of Yoga Nidra culminating in a special Sankelpa (intention) based nidra. Each practice will lead you into a progressively deeper experience. The intention is to not only help you discover deep and powerful relaxation but also uncover and know your deepest purpose.

Plus Mick also talks more about how this practice works with it's re-energising and rejuvenating impact on the body/mind and in particular its relationship to uncovering the 'Fourth'- state of consciousness leading you to a deeper felt-sense of presence and purpose.

Sign up and let Mick guide you through this powerful practice in your own home.

This workshop was recorded live and was originally streamed in April 2020 during lockdown.

Watch Mick talk about the power of Modern YOGA Nidra practices.

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Join Mick on this 2 -hour Yoga Nidra immersion and you will receive:

3 guided Modern Yoga Nidras audio downloads to use in your own practice (60 mins of guided audio)

A measured stage by stage process taking you deep into the profound experience of real Yoga Nidra

Informative video teaching from Mick on the art science behind the practice of Yoga Nidra

Insight on how the Yoga Nidra process works

Tips on how to set and use intention making (Sankalpa) in your Yoga Nidra practice

Practice this life affirming technique at home anytime

Join Mick on this 2 - hour and you will receive a FREE 'Live guided Yoga Nidra' audio recording from one of Mick's classes. You will also be able to watch and take part again whenever you want as the whole live session will be recorded.

There will also be a some background information on how to get the most from your practice, the right posture and mindset to adopt as well as your own Yoga Nidra script

All you need to do is layout your yoga mat, have a blanket handy to keep warm and a pen and notebook to explore and shape your very own Sankalpa.